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Bessie Gkreka-Spiliotis
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Academic Position: Professor
Department - Division: University of Patras - Dept. Medicine - Pediatrics
Research Area: Petriatric endocrinology. metabolic syndrome
Dr. Spiliotis trained in paediatrics in the Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, DC and in paediatric endocrinology at the National Institute of Child Health and Development of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. She is currently full professor in peadiatric endocrinology at the University of Patras Department of Medicine.
Her research work aims at:
1. Growth disorders
2. Adipocytes and childhood obesity
In her laboratory she was able to study the molecular dynamics of children with the growth hormone transduction defect. Her research team research into the aetiology of this molecular disorder and its paradoxically successful therapy with recombinant human growth hormone, since the defect is within the GH signalling pathway.



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